Xi Jinping On Youth In PLA : Chinese President Insists On Recruiting Young Talents In The Army For An Edge In Future Wars

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Chinese President Xi Jinping has stressed the need to recruit new talent to help rapidly modernize the armed forces and win wars in the future. This information has come amid reports that the Army has committed to recruit three lakh personnel for the frontline posts. President Xi Jinping, who leads the army in addition to the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), gave this information at a conference on military talent-related works held from Friday to Sunday.

He said that talent is the key to the progress of the Chinese armed forces with high quality, winning military competitiveness and taking the lead in future wars. The Chinese military is rapidly moving towards modernization with an annual military budget of $209 billion. Along with organizational improvement, it is also being equipped with modern weapon systems.
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Youth will fulfill the target of centenary year
According to the news of China’s state-run news agency ‘Xinhua’, Xi said new talent is needed to provide concrete support to meet the goals set for the centenary year of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in 2027. “Strengthening the fighting and winning capabilities should be the starting point and ultimate goal of military talent,” the Chinese president said.

Resources increased for three lakh soldiers
He also called for efforts to improve the scientific knowledge of military personnel and technical know-how with a view to improving their ability to win modern warfare. Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post reported on Monday that the Chinese military increased resources for three million soldiers for frontline roles to encourage young professionals to join the PLA. Is.

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